• View loan requests, make offers and disbursements
    • View investment requests and make offers
    • Use our SaaS model loans platform
    • Apply for a loan
    • Apply to invest
    • Apply for Insurance
    • Buy & Sell
    • Govt. Bodies to authorize users
    • Private licensed companies to validate data
    • Credit bureau provides credit history
Our unique selling proposition is we does marketing and onboard customers, so Banks and NBFC's don't need on customer acquisition or save drastically on customer costs.

Our solution is available in the cloud which enables banks to completely save the CAPEX and start using the TetraBank from day-01. We also support premise deployment.

↑ BFSI Challenges

  • Cost of acquisition is increasing Y-O-Y
  • Customer retention cost is increasing
  • Profit per customer is not increasing
  • Integrated KYC, credit score and social score are missing
  • Cost of lending solutions has grown exceptionally
  • Software maintenance and upgrade is tedious
  • The technology landscape is changing rapidly
  • Resource fee is increasing

↓BFSI Benefits

  • No capital expenditure
  • Latest technology is mode available
  • Maintenance cost is zero
  • Pay per loan
  • Customer acqusition cost is zero
  • We refine customer for banks at no cost
Today's BFSI institutions are struck with Centralized Systems and Regulations
Meet TetraBank, A Blockchain-based loans platform which enables licensed lenders and authorized borrowers across the world to come together to execute loans. It also enables lenders/banks to run the loan book completely on the blockchain using our saas model. Our Blockchain enables Banks, Partners and Individuals to run the nodes by using Tetra Protocol i.e. a community-based consensus mechanism.

TetraBank is Decentralized by OXYCHAIN

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